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Solar System: Sun

Learn about the yellow dwarf star in our solar system – Sun. Find out what the sunspots are, how the Sun creates nuclear energy and how it affects Earth. These web sites contain photographs, puzzles, and quizzes. Includes a link to the eThemes Resource on eclipse.


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Learn about the sunspots, solar winds, and solar flares. Listen to the Sun Song and learn the lyrics. Go to Level 2 to learn more about the Sun and view the movie.
Watch the animated movie about the sun then take a quiz.
This page has basic facts about the Sun for younger kids.
Read about the SOHO and its mission. Print out the colorful pages of this six-page PDF document and build a paper model.
Print out this page and answer questions of the crossword. Includes an answer sheet.
Learn about nuclear fusion produced by the sun. Click on thumbnails to enlarge photos of a sunspot, quake and tornado on the sun. NOTE: the site has a guest book
This page has quick facts about the sun including mythology, composition, and rotation.
Learn about the solstice and imagine how it would be on Tatooine - Star Wars imaginary planet with two suns. NOTE: This site has an animated ad.
Learn about different aspects of the sun and their magnitude in relation to things you might know. Includes "How Big is the Sun?" and "How Hot is the Sun?"
Follow links on this page to learn about the sun's interior and surface, solar activity, and space missions. Play word search and memory games. View images in Image Archives and Recent Images of the sun.
Prepare for a journey to the sun and watch animated movie simulation of the star. Learn here what causes the sunspots to appear on the sun's surface. NOTE: The Talk link goes to a message board.
These sites have information about solar and lunar eclipses. Includes descriptions, Webcasts, images, and charts. There are also sky charts and descriptions of the earth, moon, and sun relationships.

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