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Solar System: Venus

Find out interesting facts about the second planet from the sun – Venus. Learn about its acid clouds, the greenhouse effect, its surface, atmosphere and geological composition. Read about missions to the planet and scientific use of its gravity. Learn about the Transit of Venus in 2004. These pages also contain quizzes, word search, and coloring pages.


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Read about Venus - the second planet from the sun. Learn about its size, gravity, geological composition, atmosphere and rotation. Scroll down page to links to printouts and online quiz.
Find out here why Venus is called the Evening or Morning Star. Read about clouds on the planet that makes it the hottest planet in our solar system. To read more and to view Venus images and watch a movie advance to Level 2 version of this page.
Here younger kids can learn basic facts about Venus.
View photographs of Venus and listen to narration to learn about volcanoes, craters, and channels on the planet's surface.
Take a trip to Venus to see volcanoes and Mead Crater. Watch a movie to learn what to expect on the journey to the poisonous planet. NOTE: The Talk link goes to a message board.
Follow links to learn about the planet's interior and surface, myth and culture. Select Image Archives to view photos taken by several space missions.
Learn about the planet and Venus Transit in 2004. NOTE: This site has a guest book.
Explore the table to find out when the event was seen in your area.
Read about the planet and learn what makes it extreme and different from others.
Print out this page and color the planet.
Print out the page and find hidden words related to Venus. Includes an answer key at the bottom of the page.
Learn about the Venera (Russian) missions to Venus.
This page presents brief information of facts about Venus.

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