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Animals: Raccoons

Learn about the familiar Northern American animal, the raccoon. The following pages include information about the raccoon’s classification, history, habits, and habitats. Includes photographs, games, and coloring pages.


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Watch videos, see photographs, or read the fact file for the Northern Raccoon. NOTE: This site includes links to social networking sites.
Watch an hour-long video about raccoons in North America. Includes information on raccoon behavior and raccoon populations in urban areas. NOTE: This site includes banner ads, other types of ads, and sponsored links.
Find out about the history of raccoons and learn where you can find their tracks. Includes photographs.
Learn about the specifications of raccoon's tracks. NOTE: The site has a link to forums. NOTE: This site also links to social networking sites.
This web site has a lot of scientific information about raccoons as a representative of kingdom animalia. Click on blue tabs to view pictures, specimens, and classification. NOTE: The reading level is for older students.
Learn why feeding raccoons might be not a very good idea. NOTE: The site includes ads.
This page has information not only about raccoons, but how they interact with people and how people can unknowingly harm these animals.
Use online coloring tools or print out the page and learn how correctly to color a raccoon. NOTE: The site includes Google ads.
Learn how to make a raccoon from a brown paper bag. NOTE: This site includes Google ads.
Print out this page with a cute smiling raccoon and color it. NOTE: The site includes ads.
Learn more about the eating habits and habitat of raccoons. Listen to the sounds a raccoon makes. NOTE: This site includes ads.

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