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Animals: Sharks

These sites are about different types of sharks, including the great white shark. Learn about their habitat, diet, and behavior. View photographs and videos of sharks in the wild. Learn the truth behind common shark myths. Includes interactive quizzes and a live Webcam.


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Search "Shark" on Arkive to discover numerous kinds of sharks with facts, brief videos, and photographs.
This is a list of links that are either a definition or an encyclopedia entry about all kinds of sharks. NOTE: This site includes ads.
This Discovery site includes drawings of ancient sharks and an activity idea.
This site includes videos from the Discovery Channel's "Shark Week" program. Also includes shark games, news, photos, facts, and puzzles. NOTE: This site includes video ads, other ads, and sponsored links.
This PBS series covers the topic of sharks off the coast of Costa Rica. "World of Sharks" has an interactive diagram of sharks and interesting facts.
Here are a few QuickTime panoramic photos of sharks.
Click on the shark to start this interactive quiz from National Geographic. NOTE: This site includes ads.
Watch this video of a shark almost eating a video camera that is filming it. NOTE: This site includes ads.
These sites have information about sharks in general, plus a link to information about specific sharks like the great white. Includes information about their body, diet, habitat, migration, teeth, and much more. NOTE: This site includes Google ads.
Print out this sheet and label the parts of the shark. NOTE: This site includes Google ads.
Learn about the scientific classification of the great white shark, as well as read fast and fun facts.
Here are several photographs of sharks near this research station. There is also text about great white sharks.
Learn some interesting facts about sharks from this student-created website. Click on the "Live", "Size", or "Kinds of Sharks" links for more information on sharks. NOTE: The "Home" link will take you to a broader website on oceans.
Test your knowledge of sharks. This two-part quiz includes true/false and multiple choice questions.

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