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Animals: Skunks

Learn about a pretty, but not very popular member of the weasel family – the skunk. Find out about its four different species: striped, hooded, spotted, and hog-nosed skunk. Learn about the animal’s diet, range, habitat, behavior, reproduction, and predators. Find out about the misconceptions people have toward skunks. Includes photographs, coloring pages, puzzles and a quiz.


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See photos, watch videos, and read fact files on the animals in the Mephitidae family including the: hooded skunk, the striped skunk, and the Western spotted skunk. NOTE: This site includes links to social networking sites.
Read about and see pictures of the hog-nosed skunk of North America and view a map of its range.
This page has interesting facts about the animal such as its poor vision and keen sense of smell.
Here is a short overview of skunks and a labeled printout. NOTE: The site includes ads.
Learn about the striped skunk: its appearance and diet.
Read more about the striped skunk and view its paw prints.
Find out how the spotted skunk differs from its striped relative.
Learn more about the spotted skunk and view its photograph.
Click "Identification & Control" and then on "Skunks" to see a photograph a the skunk species. See what skunk tracks look like and learn how to remove a skunk's odor from clothing.
Read about misconception about skunks as the main rabies carriers. Find out about domesticated pet skunks and states where keeping these animals in houses is legal. Click on the "Honoring Our Pets" link to view photographs of domesticated skunks.
Put pieces together in this online puzzle to reveal an image of skunk.

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