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Literature Awards: Coretta Scott King Award 2005

These websites are about the Coretta Scott King award, and the books, authors, and illustrators that received the award in 2005. Includes lesson plans, book reviews, and illustrations and excerpts from the books. Several storytellers tell stories from “The People Could Fly” on video. There is also a link to the Coretta Scott King 2004 awards.


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Watch this story told by a professional storyteller from "The People Could Fly".
Use this lesson to compare and contrast the two books. Students will also learn about the themes of liberation and racism.
This site provides author information, latest publications, and lesson plan for "The Legend of Buddy Bush". Extension activities are also given.
This four page PDF file is a teacher's guide for the award winning book "Remember: The Journey to School Integration" by Toni Morrison.
Read an excerpt from this honor book by Sharon G. Fluke. Includes a link to a review of the book.
Explore the links on the right to find reading strategies, vocabulary, and practice questions to go along with the honor book "The People Could Fly," which was illustrated by Leo and Diane Dillon.
Listen to an excerpt from the honor book by Marilyn Nelson.
Learn about the Coretta Scott King Awards, which recognize outstanding African American authors and illustrators of children's literature. Includes biographies about the people who won the awards for 2004, plus information about the books.

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