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Animals: Wombats

These websites are about the animal the wombat. Includes coloring pages, facts, and pictures. Find out why the animal is endangered. Includes a link to an eThemes resource on Australia.


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Learn more about the common wombat, its characteristics, and where it is found in Australia, NOTE: This site includes Google ads and banner ads.
This printout includes drawings of wombat footprints. NOTE: This site includes Google ads.
This Australian Broadcasting Corporation website on wombats provides photographs and basic information on the animal. The article is written at a beginner's reading level.
Learn more about wombats on this website. Includes pictures of wombats and facts about the different kinds of wombats.
Read about this endangered species and learn what the biggest threat to the wombat's survival is. Download a free mp3 file that discusses how wombats grow, the different types of wombats, and how they live and survive. The audio file is four minutes in length.
Here is a list of facts about wombats.
See if you can label all of the Australian animals in this printout. NOTE: This site includes Google ads.
Learn more about Australian author Mem Fox and her Christmas story "Wombat Divine."
These sites focus on marsupials and characteristics that make them unique. Learn about the characteristics, habitat, food, and life cycle of marsupials. Includes videos, photos, printouts, and articles. There are also links to eThemes Resources on Mammals, Kangaroos, Koalas, Opossums, and Wombats.
These sites have information about Australia, including its animals, geography, climate, and history. Includes photographs, maps, quizzes, and games, plus a virtual tour of the Sydney Opera House and a live Webcam that you can control. Also includes a link to eThemes Resources on koalas and the Olympics.

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