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Animals: Worms

This websites are about worms. Find out where worms live, what they eat, and why they are good for gardeners. Take a tour of a virtual worm, play worm games, or watch short videos and animations. Learn about the importance of worms to the soil and how to care for worms in captivity.


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This is an excellent children's site about worms, including earthworms. Click on "All About Earthworms" to view a movie of an earthworm being born and its five hearts. Requires Quicktime. Click on "Slimy Quiz" to take a five-question multiple choice quiz about worms.
Fun site all about worms. Explore the links to discover the parts of a worm, where worms originate, and what worms eat. Includes an interactive quiz on a worm's anatomy and the food worms eat. On the home page, click on "Teacher's Bin" and find out how you can request a poster of Herman.
This page has pictures and lots of facts about worms all over the world.
This site has worm facts, worm art, songs, and experiments.
Make an edible cup of worms for a fun treat. NOTE: This site includes Google ads.
Here is a short article about earthworms with a labeled illustration. NOTE: This site includes ads.
This page has a brief overview of the role worms play in soil health.
Students can work in pairs or groups to perform simple observational experiments on live worms.
This site has instructions for vermicomposting. Learn how to create a home, feed your worms, and harvest worms for gardening purposes.
Here is a one-page PDF file of a worm that you can print out and color.
Take a tour through a virtual worm with your guide, Ernie. See animations of a worm's systems. NOTE: Requires the Flash Player.
These sites are about the anatomy of earthworms, what they eat and why they are beneficial. Includes activities and advice on keeping worms in the classroom. Also covers composting with worms.

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