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Architecture: Skyscrapers

Find out how skyscrapers are built and how they withstand the force of wind. View photographs and diagrams of the world’s tallest buildings and see how they compare to each other. Includes silent movies from the early 1900s that show New York skyscrapers.


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Explore these links to learn more about the construction of skyscrapers. The interactive "Loads Lab" explains the importance of proper construction. Also read about several famous skyscrapers and two women who work on the buildings.
View drawings of skyscrapers from around the world.
View images of skyscrapers throughout the 20th century. Click on an illustration to see an enlarged view.
Read about the danger that skyscrapers present to migrating birds.
Click on a link to watch a video showing early scenes of New York skyscrapers. These movies were made in the time period of 1897-1906 and do not include audio.
Read about the man who invented elevators, which made skyscrapers more usable.
This page offers brief information about the Empire State Building. Advance to the next page to continue reading.
Advance through the pages to read about the construction of skyscrapers. Includes information about girders and wind resistance. There is also a link to an article explaining why the Twin Towers fell. NOTE: This site includes ads.
Read the two articles and then do the suggested classroom activity.
This page has a diagram and table about the world's tallest buildings. NOTE: This site includes ads.
Learn about the Sears Tower in Chicago, how it compares to other tall buildings, how much it cost to build, and other fun facts.
Learn about how the CN Tower in Toronto was built, the world's tallest Tower.

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