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Arkansas: State Facts I

Learn the history, state symbols, statistics, fun facts and trivia about the state of Arkansas. Explore state maps and trace the borders. Includes games, quizzes, and a lesson plan. There is a link to eThemes Resources on Arkansas state flag.


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Find out the nickname for the state of Arkansas and when it joined the union. Learn more about this state from stories.
Learn facts about Arkansas and view the state symbol, flag, and map. Includes print-outs. NOTE: The site includes ads.
This site includes a great deal of information about educational resources dealing with Arkansas. Scroll down to learn more about the state symbols.
This page has 50 facts about the state. NOTE: The site includes ads.
Get to know more about Arkansas from local legacies.
Click on the Arkansas counties on the interactive map to access statistics, information on people, business, and the geography of Arkansas.
This page has links to demographic and geographic maps of Arkansas. It also includes city maps and national park maps.
Discover the history of Arkansas through online exhibits and galleries.
Explore links on this page for mazes, word searches, and scramble games on Arkansas.
These sites are about the history of Arkansas. Students can take a virtual tour of the state capitol. Included are other eThemes resources on Arkansas.
Find out the meaning of the symbols and colors on the Arkansas state flag. Learn the history of its adoption and design. Includes photographs, coloring pages, and a lesson plan. There is a link to eThemes Resources on Arkansas's state facts.
Find out about Arkansas geography. Learn more about various cities within the state and view the most recent diamond found at the "Crater of Diamonds." Included are eThemes resources on the geography and history for the state of Arkansas.
These websites contain state facts about Arkansas. Included is information about Arkansas counties, state parks, and wildlife. Students can choose among different quizzes on Arkansas. Games are found on several sites. Included are other eThemes resources on Arkansas.

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