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Teaching Tips: Team Building Activities for Elementary Students

Here are suggestions for games, activities, and lesson plans to encourage team building among elementary school students. There are indoor and outdoor activities, and cross-curricular lesson ideas. Many of these activities can be adapted for different age groups. Included are eThemes resources on cooperative learning and cooperative problem solving.


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Here are three ideas for games that can help establish a supportive classroom environment throught team building.
This site has ideas for games that explore the benefits of teamwork. These activities were designed with younger children in mind, but could be adapted for older students.
Try these two cooperative games in which students must work together in order to succeed. These activities were designed with younger children in mind, but could be adapted for a variety of ages.
This two-page PDF file has an activity where students can create stories as a group. There are several variations you can try.
Students can work together to create artwork. These activities were designed with younger children in mind, but could be adapted for older students.
Students can work together toward a common goal by trying out these different team building exercises. Click on the name of the activity to see the complete directions. Scroll down and click on Team Building Quotes to read inspirational quotes from famous individuals.
Children can use these activities to get to know each other by sharing about themselves and working together. This is a 25-page PDF file.
Children can use their artistic skills and learn about each other by creating Me-Shirts, T-shirts that say something important about themselves.
This activity can help students get to know each other by drawing pictures that show some of the different aspects of their lives, and sharing the pictures with classmates.
Students can learn more about each other with this lesson by using Venn diagrams to describe the ways in which they are similar and different.
Students can work as a team to create a "welcome book" that can help new students feel at ease.
Children can use this activity to help them understand the nature of social groups and their roles as members of various groups.
With this craft project, children can share something about their lives with their classmates. Each student can contribute to the finished quilt.
Children can share information about themselves by creating personalized trading cards. This could be used as an ice-breaker activity.
This lesson plan gives students the opportunity to work as a team and participate in decision making processes in the classroom.
This is an activity designed to encourage students to think about the importance of working together. This lesson requires the poem Nine Gold Medals by David Roth from Chicken Soup for the Kid's Soul. This activity can be used before starting a group project. NOTE: The site includes ads.
What does it mean to be a team? In this lesson plan, students can learn to define teamwork and work together in groups. NOTE: The site includes ads.
This activity is designed to give students the opportunity to consider what is involved in teamwork and why real teamwork is important. NOTE: This site includes ads.
This is an Easter-themed outdoors activity in which classes can participate as a group in an easter egg hunt using a map. This idea can be adapted to use other objects besides eggs and not related to Easter. Students can learn map reading skills as well as teamwork.
This game gives students the opportunity to develop cooperation skills through writing directions. NOTE: This site includes a place to leave user comments.
Students work in teams to quickly build or disassemble pyramids in this game. NOTE: This site includes ads and a place to leave user comments.
This lesson is designed to help improve relations among students though get-to-know-you activities. NOTE: These discussion questions are for older students, but this activity could be adapted for use with younger children.
This one-page PDF file is a printable poster that illustrates teamwork.
Read articles that define and explain how to use cooperative learning strategies in the classroom. Includes cooperative learning lesson plans for a variety of subjects and grade levels.
Problem solving can be fun. Explore the following activities where kids are encourage to think creatively, share thoughts and opinions, create, discuss and solve problems, and than draw conclusions. Includes science, mathematical, logical, and environmental games and activities

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