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Art: Art Appreciation

These sites focus on art appreciation. These sites introduce students to various elements of drawing and painting, the history of art, painting styles used by different artists, and appropriate vocabulary for discussing paintings. Includes online games and activities that expose students to art appreciation and art analysis. There are links to eThemes Resources on Art for Primary Students, Famous People: Artists.


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Browse or search the Artcyclopedia database of over 9,000 artists and some of the major art movements in history. NOTE: Subsequent pages include banner ads, other ads, and sponsored links. NOTE: This site includes links to social networking sites.
This online exhibit includes information about the 20th century abstract art of the American and European avant-garde, an image bank, a glossary, and activities for students.
Click on each painting to learn about different colors, textures, and techniques that artists use to portraye their stories. There is an activity at the end of each painting.
Click on a link to create various types of art online.
Become an art expert, learn how to look at art, learn art terminology, and more on this interactive site.
This site includes a variety of activities about modern art through artworks in the Museum of Modern Art and P.S. 1 collections. Click on "Launch Site!" to begin.
Create your very own Picassohead drawing online and see what others have created in the gallery. NOTE: This site includes links to social networking sites.
Move a mouse to create your own Abstract Expressionist painting. Press the mouse to change a color. NOTE: A video is located on the homepage, which leads to YouTube.
Create a geometric work of color art using the concepts of the painter Piet Mondrian. NOTE: This site includes a link to an artist's personal page and online store.
Create a coloring book. You can choose colors, shapes, and sizes.
Play online games including detail detective, matching, jigsaw, and more.
Explore a painting by answering questions "Who, What, Where, and How". NOTE: This site includes ads.
This online game uses a case-solving scenario to teach how art history and art composition are used to analyze and identify the work of artists. NOTE: This site includes sponsored links.
These websites are about art and artists for primary age students. There are many fun interactive games and animations, artists' biographies, activity ideas, and numerous illustrations. Students can learn about elements of art such as line and color, see famous paintings, or create their own works of art. Included are four related eThemes resources about art.
View the works of famous artists, including Salvador Dali, Grandma Moses, Georgia O'Keefe, Mary Cassatt, MC Escher, Andy Warhol, Auguste Rodin, Pablo Picasso, Grant Wood, and more. Includes biographies and classroom activities about art. There are links to an eMINTS WebQuest and eThemes Resources on art museums, Vincent Van Gogh, Leonardo da Vinci, George Caleb Bingham, Thomas Hart Benton, and color theory.

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