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Art: Middle Eastern Geometric Art

Learn how Islamic artists represented their beliefs in logic and order through the geometric patterns in their art works. Find out what star patterns mean in intricate Middle Eastern designs. Learn how to create geometric patterns using geometrical shapes. Includes photographs, drawings, and lesson plans.


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Read about geometric patterns in Islamic traditional ornament and click on small images to enlarge them.
This article in the 14-page PDF file is devoted to symmetric Islamic patterns. It discusses the psychology behind star-shaped patterns, religion beliefs, and use of patterns in mathematic classes.
Find out another opinion on Koran's prohibition of portraying the god and people in arts. Include photographs of designs.
Learn about the geometric patterns in Islamic art; explore the history and meaning behind the patterns.
Learn about the Moroccan Zillij art form; incorporating color, shape and pattern in design.
Here are photographs of old authentic geometric patterns. Select images to enlarge them.
Learn how creating a geometric pattern can be an incredibly difficult task for an artist that strives for geometric perfection. Click on the "Gallery" link to view examples of modern geometric patterns and click on the "The Seasons" link to view designs that were made based on geometric art. Select the "How the Design Was Built" to learn how to create such a design.
View how geometric designs are used to decorate Middle Eastern architecture.
Now explore symmetrical geometry of Oriental carpets and compare it to Middle Eastern geometric patterns. The site includes activities for kids, images, and examples of children works. NOTE: The site leads to websites with discussion boards.

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