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News Sites for Elementary Students

These sites have news, sports, and weather that are geared toward elementary students. Includes current news, games, videos, and quizzes. Included are links to eThemes resources on writing newspaper articles and producing newspapers.


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Here are top news stories for kids. Click on "Grades 4-7," "Grades 2-3," or "Grades K-1" for the appropriate grade level. Check out the "Games & Trivia." NOTE: The site includes ads.
Scroll down for articles of interest to children. NOTE: The site includes ads.
Students can check out the "Daily Buzz." Teachers can check out the "Featured Lesson Plan." Teachers can sign up their class for a free discussion board "Newz Crew."
Take the "Daily News Quiz." This site is actually a learning network for students, teachers, and parents. The material is appropriate for grades 3-12. Site includes a lesson plan search function. NOTE: The site includes ads.
Students can type in a zip code for the weather in their area. Click on "Weather Cameras" for a live photograph from locations around the United States. NOTE: The site includes ads.
This British site has "Health News," "Science News," "Sport News," and much more. There are "Teacher's Notes" which are actually study guides for some of the news stories.
Much of the content on this site is available by subscription only but the "Top News," "NewsBytes," and "Career" sections are free.
This British site has world news, UK news, and weather for the British Isles. Click on "Press Pack" if you are interested in journalism. NOTE: The "Talk" link leads to message boards.
Students can read the latest news and vote on a current issue. "Special Reports" has news items for the month or news of special interest to children. Check out the "Homework Hub" or "Games and Quizzes." NOTE: requires plugins
This site emphasizes news relating to the charity, Christian Aid. Learn about poverty in east Africa. Students can click on "Games" or "Homework Help." Find "Your Poems" and watch a video of poetry reading. NOTE: The site has a message board.
Students can watch videos about "Animals and Pets", "People and Places," Space and Science," "Wacky News," and more. NOTE: This site includes ads.
This children's magazine has information on the environment and social issues.
Students can vote in a poll and read the sports headlines. Includes games, cartoons, and videos. Teachers should click on "In the Classroom" for the teacher's site. NOTE: The site includes ads.
Students can read "Fantastic Factoids" which are short articles from past issues of the magazine. Students can also go the "Quiz" section.
This site has selected major news events and incorporate different perspectives on the news.
These sites have tips for writing newspaper stories. Learn how to write using an inverted pyramid and answer the questions of who, what, when, where, why, and how. Includes information about headlines, leads, and story angles.
These sites include tips on creating a newspaper for elementary classrooms. There's information on interviewing, writing and photography. Includes sites on advertising and circulation. There are also activity ideas for using newspapers as a teaching tool.
These sites provide ideas for integrating current events via newspaper, magazines, and television into curriculums. There are suggested ideas on teaching current events, warm-up activities, lesson plans, quizzes, and news resources. There are links to eThemes Resources on News Sites for Elementary Students and Newspapers: Classroom Activities.

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