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Teaching Tips: Current Events

These sites provide ideas for integrating current events via newspaper, magazines, and television into the curriculum. There are suggested ideas on teaching current events, warm-up activities, lesson plans, quizzes, and news resources. There are links to eThemes Resources on News Sites for Elementary Students and Newspapers: Classroom Activities.


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This page has suggested ideas, activities, and lesson plans for incorporating current events into the curriculum. NOTE: This site contains ads.
Here are 25 ideas for teaching current events in the classrooms. Includes news resources.
This site has lesson plans written by classroom teachers. The lesson plans include a video, learning activities, and more.
This online news site has downloadable lesson plans by grade level and geography quizzes based on major news events. The site is updated weekly.
Here are different activities for introducing news in the classroom such as using graphic organizers, games, discussion starters, word play, and maps.
This site compiles resources on current events organized by topic. Includes lesson plans and games. NOTE: This site includes ads.
Follow the links for teaching social studies using current events.
Read this blog to get some ideas about incorporating current issues in debates. NOTE: This site contains links to external sites.
These sites have news, sports, and weather that are geared toward elementary students. Includes current news, games, videos, and quizzes. Included are links to eThemes resources on writing newspaper articles and producing newspapers.
These sites offer numerous ideas for using newspapers in the classroom. The suggested activities include using newspapers to teach concepts in subject areas such as language arts, social studies, and math. Includes information about media literacy skills. There are links to eThemes Resources on news sites for kids and news production.

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