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Author Study: Clyde Robert Bulla

Learn about the author Clyde Robert Bulla and the books he has written. Biographies and book activities are included.


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Students can read this detailed biography of Clyde Robert Bulla. NOTE: This site includes ads.
Students can participate in one of these extension activities. Click on "The Chalk Box Kid" for a summary of the book. NOTE: This site includes ads.
This site provides a discussion guide for "The Paint Brush Kid." NOTE: This site includes ads.
Students can read a description of this historical novel. NOTE: This site includes ads.
Read a brief biography of this award winning author as well as descriptions about some of his books.
Click on "Look Inside" for an excerpt from the "Shoeshine Girl."
This site uses a broad period of history and relates the time period to picture books and novels. Two of Bulla's books, "Charlie's House" and "A Lion to Guard Us," are recommended. NOTE: The site includes ads.
Students can read this entire award winning book online. Click on titles of other books to browse through or read them.
This eight-page PDF file outlines Bulla's book. There are suggested activities and a brief vocabulary list.
Clyde Bulla wrote his autobiography, "A Grain of Wheat," published in 2005.
This site provides a brief biography and a photograph of Bulla.
This lesson plan is appropriate for grades 3-5. Independent activities and group activities are included in the bookfolio which can be purchased.

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