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Author Study: Barbara Park

Learn about author Barbara Park and the books she has written. Includes biographies, interviews, and information about her popular Junie B. Jones series. Also included is a lesson plan for creating an author study. There are links to eThemes on “The Kid in the Red Jacket” by Barbara Park and author studies.


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Discover more about Barbara Park in the Author Spotlight. A listing of all of her work is given.
This site provides a study of Barbara Park and her books. Several websites about Barbara Park are included.
This link provides author information, lesson plans and teaching resources for Barbara Park.
Read an interview with the author and find out about her writing process. NOTE: The "Junie B. Jones" books link to reader reviews.
Find out about Barbara Park's series "Junie B. Jones." Click on "About Barbara Park" to learn more about the author.
Here is a discussion guide of Park's book "Mick Harte was Here." NOTE: The discussion questions include plot spoilers.
Find out what led Barbara Park to become a children's literature author.
Read an interview with the author about the book, Junie B. Note: There are links to external sites and this site includes ads.
These sites provide suggested questions and activities for the book "The Kid in the Red Jacket." Also includes sites on the related themes of friendship and adjusting to a new community.
These websites are about a variety of authors. Learn about Mary Pope Osborne, Laura Ingalls Wilder, Barbara Park, R.L. Stine, and other famous authors. There is also an example of a student-created author study and a lesson plan for author studies. There are also many other author studies listed in the eTheme resources.

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