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Author Study: Audrey Wood

These websites are about children’s author Audrey Wood and her books. Read biographies of the author and find out what books she wrote. Includes lesson plans and activity ideas for her books.


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Use this site which is full of activities that accompany Audrey Wood books. Amusing secrets are shared about her titles.
Use this lesson plan when sharing "I'm Quick as a Cricket". A craft and extension activity are given.
Share these illustrated book reviews with your students. Students may create their own illustrated book reviews after listening to Audrey Wood's books.
Share this tall tale with your students and use the extenion activity to enrich the lesson.
Read a biography of Audrey Wood. Click on "Booklist" to find a list of the books she has written and illustrated. NOTE: This site includes ads.
Read a review and learn activity ideas for this book by Audrey Wood. NOTE: This site includes ads.
This lesson plan provides some ideas for an author study. NOTE: This site includes ads and a link to discussion forum.
This is an interview transcript done with Audrey Wood and Don Wood about the book "The Napping House".
This is student-created website. Includes information about authors and online activities.



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