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Author Study: Emily Dickinson

These websites are about Emily Dickinson and her poetry. Read her poems and learn about the life of the famous poet. Includes analysis of her poems and lesson plans.


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This biography of the poet includes information about what made her poems so unique.
Find out why Emily Dickinson was inducted into this Hall of Fame.
This extensive website includes writings by Emily Dickinson and her close friends and family.
This 10-page PDF file includes a biography, analyses of some of Dickinson's poetry, and discussion questions.
Here is a biography of the poet, along with links to several of her poems and related articles. Includes a photograph and bibliography.
Read Dickinson's obituary, written by her sister-in-law.
Explore this site about the PBS film on Emily Dickinson. Click on "The Poet" to learn more about her life.
Click on links to read Dickinson's poetry that relates to certain topics. A searchable field can also be used to find poems. NOTE: This site includes ads.
Listen to Dickinson's poetry and letters on this website.
These sites are about poetry and writing poems for upper grade levels. There are many examples of poetry, including audio recordings of poets reading their work or people reading and talking about their favorite poems, as well as textual resources. There are lesson plans and activity ideas. Students can write their own poems, write a poem collaboratively, or organize a poetry slam. Includes eThemes resources on poetry for elementary levels, Robert Frost, Emily Dickinson, and Maya Angelou.

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