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Native Americans: Iowa Tribe

Read about the Iowa (a.k.a. Ioway) tribe that lived in the Midwest. Topics include their clothing, food, hairstyles, tattoos, housing and traditions. View actual items used by the Iowa nation as well as photographs.


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Find the answer to frequently asked questions about the Ioway Tribe. NOTE: This site includes ads.
Discover more about the history of the Ioway Indians and the role they played in the War of 1812. NOTE: This site includes ads.
Read this short encyclopedia entry about the Iowa tribe.
This site has answers to common questions asked by elementary students.
Scroll down and use the links at the bottom to read about this tribe's houses, hairstyles, clothing, and tattoos.
Click on the names to read articles about some Ioway Indians. Click on the image links to see paintings.
This site provides historical and current information on the Iowa Tribe of Oklahoma. Click on the "History & Culture" tab to find links to historical information and tribal seal. Current information about the Iowa nation is also a focus.

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