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Author Study: Gail Gibbons

Learn about the author Gail Gibbons and the books she has written. Biographies, interviews, and a lesson plan for creating an author study are included.


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This site briefly describes how Gail Gibbons became a writer for children's non-fiction books. Included are her latest books and teaching resources section. Click on "Teachers Guides" for additional resources.
You can select to view interview clips or read transcripts about Gibbons' life and where the ideas for her stories came from. NOTE: This site includes ads and links to social networking sites and a blog.
Download this 20 page activity book for many lessons and ideas to use when teaching with Gail Gibbon's books.
This downloadable activity guide provides numerous activities for environmental curriculums. Extension activities are also given.
Scroll down to read some of Gibbons' books reviews made by children.

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