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Teaching Tips: Reading in the Content Areas

Explore different reading strategies by visiting these websites. The websites are for students and teachers and explain how students can improve their reading skills. Some websites have tips for teachers on teaching different reading strategies. There are links to eThemes on Reading Skills: Main Idea for Middle School Students, Literature: Young Adult Book Clubs for Struggling Readers, Teaching Tips: Reading Comprehension Strategies and Reading Strategies for Elementary Students.


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This 78 page PDF packet is focus on content area reading. Skills covered include: previewing and reviewing print and non-print text, activating prior knowledge, processing and acquiring new vocabulary, organizing information, understanding visual representations, self-monitoring, and reflecting.
This five-page PDF includes content area reading strategies, including: semantic/concept mapping, graphic organizers, targeted vocabulary instruction, and context clues.
This article outlines strategies for success in reading in the content areas; includes specific strategies for before reading strategies, during reading strategies, and after reading strategies.
This 410 page PDF booklet includes chapters on assessment at the secondary level, selecting and administering assessments, using assessment results to plan instruction, components of effective instruction, delivering effective instruction, comprehension, vocabulary, fluency, and word recognition.
Click on the links for all kinds of tips on teaching students to be good readers.
These sites focus on the reading comprehension skills of identifying the main idea and supporting details of a text and are geared for middle school-aged students. There are lesson plans, online quizzes, and printable worksheets for practicing reading comprehension skills. Includes a link to eThemes Resource: Reading Skills: Main Idea and Supporting Details.
Find book lists for reluctant and struggling readers. Tips on organizing book clubs for young adults, author videos, and book trailers are provided. An eThemes link to Literature: Book Clubs for High School Students has additional sites.
These sites offer various strategies to improve reading comprehension for students at all grade levels. Includes many online stories and questions to test reading comprehension. There is a reading comprehension inventory and research articles on this topic. Many pages can be printed out and used in the classroom. Some of the tips include KWL charts, story maps, word maps, and story pyramids. There are also links to eThemes Resources on graphic organizers, guided reading, and literature circles.
These websites contain reading strategies to help elementary school students become good readers. Some websites simply list strategies and some include activities to help students learn. One website is a PowerPoint presentation on good reading techniques and one website compares good reading with poor reading. Some websites are written for students who are having trouble learning to read.

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