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Author Study: Jan Brett

Find out about children’s author and illustrator Jan Brett. Read interviews and biographies to find out what books she has written and illustrated. Includes online activities, classroom activities, and lesson plans.


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The author's website includes activities, videos, and information about all of her books.
Read an interview with Jan Brett. Click on the link at the end of the interview to see summary's of some of her books. Although the site is geared towards parents, it will also be helpful to teachers and students. NOTE: This site includes ads.
This example of an author study includes illustrations done by students plus a sample worksheet students could fill out on the author and her books.
Here is a word search that uses the titles of Jan Brett books.
Try this hangman game based on the book "The Hat."
A lesson plan to introduce questioning using Jan Brett's The Mitten.
This one-page PDF file includes printable activities for the book by Jan Brett.

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