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Author Study: Janet Lee Carey

These sites are about the author Janet Lee Carey. Includes sites featuring information about Janet’s life as an author, interviews, and curriculum guides to several of her books. Learn about the author as a person and get a better understanding of her work.


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Janet Lee Carey's website has a plethora of information from and about the author. Learn about her life as an author and read about each of her books in her own words.
The site provides a book synopsis, discussion questions, and extention activities.
Share this illustrated review with your students. Use the template to create original reviews of Janet Lee Carey's books.
This site features an interview with Janet Lee Carey focusing on her book "Dragon's Keep". Learn about her inspirations and processes for writing the book. She also talks about her early writing and her favorite novels from other authors. NOTE: The site has links to blogs and external sites.
See how much you know about "The Beast of Noor" by taking this 10-question multiple choice quiz.

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