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Author Study: Jonathan London

These websites are about the author Jonathan London and his books. Find out which books he has written and why he writes children’s books. There are also activities and lesson plans. Some links give tips for writing and illustrating your own book. Includes a link to an eThemes resource on Missouri Frogs.


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Read a biography of the author. Click on "Books by Jonathan London" to find out what books he has written.
Find out some of the books the author has written. Includes a writing activity.
Use these discussion questions while you share "Froggy's Halloween" with students. Craft and extension ideas are given.
Use the discussion questions when sharing "Froggy Plays in the Band" with your students. Extension and craft ideas are given.
Show your students the student-created illustrated book reviews for books by Jonathan London. Use this idea for having your students create original book reviews.
This two page PDF file has discussion questions and extension activities for the book "Hip Cat."
Before you begin writing your own story, read these ten tips for young writers.
Find out what makes a good story, and then begin writing your own story.
This printable one-page PDF will help you plan your own children's book.
These sites are about Missouri's frogs and toads. Includes information about gray treefrogs, American toads, green frogs, and wood frogs. Learn about the physical characteristics, food, reproduction, habitat, and behavior of each species.

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