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Author Study: Judy Blume

These sites have information about author Judy Blume and activities to go along with several of her books including: “Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing,” “The Pain and the Great One,” and the “Fudge” series.


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This is the official site for Judy Blume. Includes biographies and photographs. Click on "Book Lists" to read her comments about each of her books.
Watch with students to learn about how books can help with communication on difficult topics and about her characters in the Fudge series.
Share the "Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing" with students. Then have students work on cartoons of the funniest parts of the story. Online tools, Comic Strip Planning Sheet and Comic Creator, will engage students. Additional links about Judy Blume are included.
This year-long unit features a variety of novels involving family life. "Tiger Eyes" is one of the novels used in this unit.
Read about Judy Blume and her history of writing. NOTE: This site includes ads.
See a list of the Fudge books and read about the author. Includes two word searches and two online trivia quizzes. NOTE: This site includes ads.
Read about the new Fudge book called "Double Fudge." The site includes an online trivia game.
This activity centers around the themes of young adults making tough decisions. The book of twelve short stories written by young adult authors.

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