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Literature: Leveled Books

The following sites contain databases, book lists and online tools designed to help teachers search for leveled books as well as tips on creating one own leveled book library. There is a link to eThemes Resource on eThemes Resource: Recommended Reading for Elementary Students.


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Select the "Look up Books" link to search a database by book's title, level, or author. Click on the "What the Levels Mean" link to view approximate books levels.
This online search tool helps to find children books by reading levels. You can do a quick search by author, title,or keyword as well as leveled search. Also you can find similar books at the reading level you like. NOTE: This site contains ads.
The database on this page can be searched by title, author, reading level, or grade level.
This page has information on how to level books and includes a comparison table of Reading Recovery and Guided Reading Levels.
Choose from either levels for guided reading or Accelerated Reader to find books for students. NOTE: This site conains ads.
Here is an easy strategy, a five-finger test, to determine if a book is appropriate for your students reading level. NOTE: This site contains ads.
Here is a leveled book list compiled by a classroom teacher.
You can either search a book that is appropriate to your reading level by Lexile measure or your reading interest.
This resource is a compilation of booklist web sites for elementary school students. The lists were compiled by teachers, librarians, and students. Some of the lists are divided by grade level, readability, or genre.

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