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Author Study: Kevin Henkes

Read about author Kevin Henkes and his many children’s books. There are biographies, booklists, and activities. Several videos provide read-aloud of his books and his studio. Word study and writing activities are paired with several of his picture books.


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Use this site which is chock full of activities, author interview videos, and news about upcoming books.
This link provides an author biography and a list of his books. Under "Authors and Illustrator" are essays, extras, discussion guides, and reading resources for "Kitten's First Full Moon", "Olive's Ocean", and "Bird Lake Moon".
Read what Kevin Henkes thinks about being an author and illustrator. NOTE: The website includes a banner ad.
Use this downloadable author study toolkit while learning about an author with your class. The toolkit provides a purpose for carrying out an author study and how to accomplish it for different grade levels.
Use this lesson to help students practice common and alternative sounds for specific vowel combinations. Students will use a comprehensive list to make words with the same vowel pairs. Lastly students make words from the book in an online activity.
Use this lesson to help students learn how to understand words that are taken out of their original context.
Engage your students in a name bingo game after reading "Chrysanthemum". A blank bingo card is available for download so students can create a card for name bingo.
Read and discuss the illustrated book reviews of Kevin Henkes' titles. Use the template with your students to illustrate and review their favorite Kevin Henkes title.
The book, "Wemberly Worried" comes to life as it is read aloud in this video.
Enjoy this video with your students during a Kevin Henkes author study.
Watch this video with your class as a second grade class demonstrates a Venn Diagram lesson with "Wemberly Worried" and "Chrysanthemum".
The guide provides a book summary, discussion questions for the book leader, and additional read-alike books. A suggestion for a snack is included.
Numerous teaching activities are available along with plans for "Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse", "Olive's Ocean" and "Wemberly Worried". Note: This site contains advertising.
This link features a vocabulary activity, thinking skills, poetry, and writing activities for the book, "Chrysanthemum".
This website includes a biography of Henkes, plus a booklist with links to reviews of some of the books. NOTE: The website includes ads.
Read a short biography of the author and find out where he got the idea for the book "Good-bye, Curtis."
Here is a complete bibliography of Henkes' books.
This fifteen page PDF file includes activities about the main character from Henkes' Wemberly series. There are Wemberly nametags, a maze, recipes, and more fun activities.
Click on the links below "Extras" for one-page PDF activities to go along with the book, including coloring pages, a maze, and more.
Follow these activity ideas to supplement learning about the books "Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse" and "Chrysanthemum."

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