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Technology: Student Email Accounts

The following sites are email service providers for kids, teachers, and parents. All services include different types of spam control, filtering systems, and adult supervision. Includes a lesson plan and email exercises.


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This provider allows adults to separate emails in "good list", "bad list", and "watch list". While "good" and "bad" lists are handled by automatic robot, a "watch list" is sent to a supervisor (parent) account. The service cost $18.00 a year and gives 500MB of cyberspace.
This email provider includes two types of services KidMail v4.0 for younger children and IncrediMail for teenagers. Select the "Quick Tour" link at the top of the page for presentations of these two services. It has Frequently Asked Questions from parents and includes free trial.
This company provides child safe and free email accounts. Click on the "Features" link for more information. NOTE: The site includes ads.
This email provider offers a filtering system to protect kids' emails from spam and obscure messages. Explore links at the top to learn more about available services. Includes 30-day free trial.
This software provides filtering systems and child safe access to email accounts. Click on the "Product" link to learn more. Includes free 30 day trial to download.
Here are several lesson plans and in class activities for teachers on child safe use of the Internet.
Scroll down the page to the "Email Exercises" section for eight helpful exercises.
This two-page Word Document has beginning and advanced exercises on how to use an email.
Here are instructions and a lesson plan on setting up and using a Hotmail account. The same activities can be used for any other web-based email accounts.

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