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Author Study: Tedd Arnold

These sites are about the author and illustrator, Tedd Arnold. Learn about his life and works. Includes interviews, photos, lesson plans, and coloring pages. There is a link to eThemes Resources on the Human Body System.


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This site provides comprehensive information about the author. Learn about his life and works, how he writes a book, and where he gets inspiration. Includes step-by-step drawing guide, questions from kids, printable coloring pages, downloadable bookmarkers, and more.
Use this PowerPoint program to introduce Tedd Arnold to your students. Note: This site contains advertising.
Find out about the author and a list of his books.
This page provides brief author's biography. Scroll down to find lesson plans and activities that go along with some of his books. Note: This site includes ads.
Listen to an interview that Tedd Arnold talking about playing with words and the process of illustrating books. NOTE: This site includes user comments.
Several of Tedd Arnold's titles are illustrated and reviewed by students. Share them with your students and use the template to create reviews of Tedd Arnold books.
This link provides a synopsis of "Parts", pre-reading discussion topics, and post-reading discussion topics. A simple craft idea is included.
Watch this episode of Wonderopolis to learn about idioms.
Through read-alouds, students learn about and discuss idioms. Students can use the interactive tool, "Eye on Idioms" to view literal representations of selected idioms and then use the idiom in a sentence to demonstrate understanding of its meaning.
Students learn about idioms and body parts through listening to and hearing "Even More Parts".
This page has suggested ideas and activities for teaching idioms by the book "More Parts".
Watch this video of Tedd Arnold's book, "Super Fly Guy".
Watch this humorous reading of Tedd Arnold's "Hi! Fly Guy".
Learn more about Ted Arnold from an interview that gave when visiting Canyon View Elementary School.
This lesson plan provides ideas for integrating "Part" with technology.
Learn about the different human body systems and how they function in these sites that are written for elementary students. Includes illustrations, animated movies, and online quizzes. There are links to several eThemes Resources on anatomy.

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