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Teaching Tips: Teaching Creative Thinking

These sites provide tips and techniques in teaching and integrating creating thinking skills in classroom teaching. Find out why it is important to teach students to be creative and innovative. There are resources on different strategies and models of teaching creating thinking as well as lesson plans.


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Find out differences about critical thinking and creative thinking. There are strategies and techniques to enhance and practice creative thinking skill.
Read this article to get some tips and ideas in teaching creative thinking skill to students. There are links to more resources at the bottom of a page. NOTE: This site contains ads.
This author describes how the types of questions aked by teachers affect student's thinking. Find out what types of questions can encourage creative thinking.
Here are some ideas to integrate creative thinking in your teaching. NOTE: This site contains links to external sites and some sites require subscriptions.
Here are techniques to promote creative thinking when tackle a problem.
This lesson plan helps second and third graders to be familiar with creative thinking concept. NOTE: This site includes ads.

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