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Masks: Ceremonial and Cultural

The sites show ceremonial masks from Asia, Africa, Native America, and South America. There is also information about the traditions behind the masks and instructions on how to make a mask. Includes some video and audio clips.


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Learn African culture and art through their masks. Click on the item listed to view the exhibition.
A comprehensive site with audio and video clips, lists of illustrations and articles about Yup'ik masks. For the video, wait until it has downloaded 100 percent, then hit the play button again.
See the masks used in ancient Egypt burials and read their descriptions.
In this lesson students can explore the connections between cultures and societies through their use of masks, and become more aware of the significance of cultural artifacts such as masks.
Learn about Puerto Rican Carnival traditions and masks in this lesson plan. Includes images.
Students can make unique paper masks with this art activity.
This art lesson plan contains instructions for making masks out of paper mache.
This site has information about the Carnival of Venice and many pictures of masks and costumes.
Learn about Buddhism and the religious festivals of Mongolia while you explore this online exhibition of ceremonial masks.
This lesson examines a Transformation Mask by contemporary Kwakiutl artist Richard Hunt. There are discussion questions, activities, and vocabulary words.

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