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Animals: Frogs, Snails, and Fiddler Crabs

These sites have information on frogs, snails, and fiddler crabs. Learn about the habitat of each, along with how to care for them in captivity. Includes interactive games, activities, and videos. There are also links to eThemes Resources on animal adaptations and Missouri frogs.


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This comprehensive site on frogs includes details on how frogs survive, their characteristics, and more. Watch a video on the feeding habits of frogs or listen to audio excerpts of people who work with frogs. You can also learn about a town that is famous for its frogs. The site includes interactive activities - such as exploring for frogs and listening to their sounds - and ideas for making crafts.
This site offers advice for taking care of African Dwarf Frogs in captivity.
This site has lots of information on frogs from habitat to feeding. There are also jokes and other fun items, including a quiz to find out what kind of frog you are. Includes interactive "froggy" games. NOTE: There are links to Yahoo discussion groups that require signing up to participate. There are also banner ads.
This ThinkQuest site has information on the habitats of frogs, plus descriptions and pictures of different kinds of frogs.
Follow the story of Frederick the Bullfrog and learn all about frogs and their habitats as you go along. Includes some interactive games and a quiz.
This site has a lot of information about snails, including their anatomy, life cycles, fun facts, and tips for keeping them as pets. There are craft ideas, interactive games (word searches and other puzzles), printouts, photographs, and more. NOTE: This site includes ads.
This site has a short description of fiddler crabs and their habitats.
Read a short introduction to fiddler crabs and view a picture showing the claw size difference between a male and a female.
Learn about the mollusks that live in the ocean.
This page shows the life cycle of a frog.
Learn about illnesses that frogs can get and how you can prevent them. NOTE: This site includes Google banner ads.
This page offers advice for feeding frogs. NOTE: This site includes banner ads.
Click on the names of these common frogs to read facts about each species, see a picture, and listen to a recording of that frog's voice.
These sites are about Missouri's frogs and toads including gray treefrogs, American toads, green frogs, and wood frogs. Learn about the physical characteristics, food, reproduction, habitat, and behavior of each species.
These sites are about the behaviors and physical traits that enable animals to survive in their environments. Topics include camouflage, mimicry, and natural selection.

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