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Arctic Inhabitants

These sites are about the Arctic region and the inhabitants of the area. Includes photos and information about animals, plants, and people. There are games and puzzles to help you learn more about this environment. Includes eThemes Resources on Arctic Explorers, Polar Bears, the Iditarod, Antarctica, and tundras.


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Information about the region, people, animals, and culture. Check out "Arctic Wildlife," which has a game called "Polar Pairs." "Hall of the Peoples" has a short video on the native people. "Yupik Masks" contains photos of mask art and video clips of dance by Native Americans.
Read the essays, play various games, and become familiar with the frozen Arctic.
This site features comprehensive information of Arctic animals and animal printouts.
Find out what people wear in Greenland throughout the year. NOTE: This site includes ads.
Read this encyclopedia article about the Arctic. Click on the links to learn more about the people who live there, animal and plant life, the climate and more. NOTE: The website includes pop-up and banner ads.
Lots of information about animals in the Arctic.
The site features comprehensive information of tundra animals and animal printouts.
Learn more about the animals of the Arctic. Includes pictures and activities. NOTE: Some of the links on the "Resources" page are broken.
Learn all about the Arctic on this extensive website.
Learn about life in Antarctica including the climate, explorers, animals, geographic features, and current scientific expeditions. Take a virtual tour of this cold continent and view 360-degree images.
These sites are about the Arctic and the explorers of the area. See maps and learn about the weather and climate of the North Pole. Contains biographies of Matthew Henson and Robert Peary. Includes eThemes Resources on Arctic Inhabitants and Antarctica.
These sites include many facts about polar bears, including their diet, behavior, and habitat. Watch short movies about polar bears, listen to audio files of their ferocious roars, and see live footage of polar bears in a zoo. Includes some suggested classroom activities relating to polar bears.
Learn more about the Iditarod Dog Sled race in Alaska. Read about the history, teams, dogs, and much more. Includes interviews with mushers and videos of the race and dogsledding. Some sites offer ideas for classroom activities.
These sites are about the types of climate, wildlife, and vegetation that are found in tundras. Locate tundras on maps, view photographs, and see live images from a Webcam. Learn the difference between alpine and Arctic tundras. There are links to eThemes Resources on Arctic Inhabitants, Arctic Explorers, Alaska, Canada, and habitats.

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