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Children of War

These sites focus on the affects of war on children. Learn about the places where war has affected children and how they have been affected. Includes links to videos and audio recordings of children directly affected by war.


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Read about children who are soldiers of war. Learn how and why children become soldiers in many different wars around the world.
Learn about the instances of children in war. Read ways children have been affected by war in the past and continue to be today effected by war. NOTE: Some content may be inappropriate for younger students.
Read excerpts from children's war diaries and create a storyboard for a public service announcement on children's rights in wartime.
See photographs and read captions of children of war. Click on "Enter the Expos" and then the arrow on the right.
See and hear from a girl who is visiting areas where she great up that are now destroyed by war. NOTE: RealPlayer is required
Listen as two girls from opposing countries talk about what their lives were like during a recent war. NOTE: RealPlayer is requirted
Click on the "Begin Your Journey", then select a child to see and hear their story of war.
This Discussion Guide includes a summary of the story and thoughts about the book as well as student activities and an interview with the author.
These sites focus on Anne Frank and her famous diary. Learn more about her life story, her family, friends, and the secret annex where she hid during World War II. There are also many historic photos, online quizzes, lesson plans, and suggested activities. Includes a link to an eThemes Resource on the Holocaust.

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