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Civil War: Causes and Battles

Learn the reasons why the Civil War began. Read about several battles and military leaders. Includes timelines of major events and maps of the battle areas. View photographs of the war and the men and women involved. Browse the other eThemes on the Civil War.


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Scroll down to learn about what caused the Civil War. Click on the icons on the left side of the page to learn about war medicine, food, how the war was reported in newspapers, marching music, soldier slang, and more. Click on "History Challenge" at the bottom for a short quiz.
Learn about the man who was the President of the Confederate States of America from 1861-1865.
This is the home page for this Smithsonian site. The opening movie requires Flash. The site includes a timeline, "Mary Henry's Diary," and much more. Some of the photographs are interactive.
This timeline from the Library of Congress goes through the war year by year. Included are battles and major events. Click on the links to see documents from the different places.
Here are various maps of the Civil War from the Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library.
Read about the surrender agreement between Grant and Lee that ended the Civil War. Other Civil War topics are included on the left. NOTE: The site includes ads.
Choose a state and then see map of the Civil War battles that took place there. Click on Missouri and then on the links to read about the various battles that took place. NOTE: The site includes pop-up and other ads.
View Union and Confederate almanacs from 1863. The links on the left lead to more information about the Civil War.
View numerous pictures of the Civil War. You can do a search for a particular topic or browse through the listings.
These games test your knowledge of the Civil War. There is matching, concentration, flashcards, and a word search.
"The Emancipation Proclamation" and "The Lincoln Assassination" sections both have a timeline and a picture gallery.
Read about this Civil War Union general who became the 18th president. NOTE: The site includes ads.
Learn about this Confederate general and his life.
This site is written by and for students. Includes timelines, maps, and more.
This is the main page for Ken Burns' film on the Civil War.
Read about the causes of the Civil War and life after the Civil War. Includes a games page. NOTE: This site has a link to a guestbook.
This three-page pdf file is a short play about the causes of the Civil War.
Read about the causes, battles, and people of the Civil War. NOTE: The site includes ads.
Here are many articles about the people and battles of the Civil War.
These sites focus on the economic differences between North and South in the 1800's. Learn what caused those differences and what the economies of the northern and southern states were during 1800's, and how economic differences led to the Civil War. Includes maps, lesson plans, and primary documents. There are also links to eThemes Resources on Civil War: Causes and Battles and Civil War: Slavery.

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