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Learn all about coffee with these web resources. Here you can find out how coffee is grown, harvested, processed, traded, and consumed. Discover some of the health effects of drinking coffee, and learn how it is decaffeinated. There are facts, videos, slide shows, quizzes, and more.


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This site contains extensive information about all aspects of coffee production and consumption. Learn about coffee plants, how coffee is processed, the political, environmental, and economic aspects of coffee, and more. NOTE: This site contains ads.
On this site, you can read about the economics of coffee, from bean production to its sale at Starbucks. Click on "Behind the Beans" to find out where popular brands of coffee come from, or view short video clips from "The Film."
Watch these three short videos about coffee growers in Gautemala and Mexico, and the "coffee crisis" is impacting farmers. Includes an interview with the reporter. Launch the interactive to see how coffee gets from the farm to your local store, or click on "Facts and Stats" to learn more about coffee.
Students can examine the economic consequences of production, price quotas, profit margin, and the quality of life of those involved in the coffee industry with this lesson plan.
This site has lots of detailed information about coffee, including coffee history, health aspects, how caffeine affects behavior, how coffee is decaffeinated, and a glossary.
Here is an overview of the history of coffee in human society.
Read stories about how coffee trees spread across the globe, see a map of coffee growing regions, and learn the difference between roasts. NOTE: This site contains a message board.
Here is an article, including a graph, of U.S. coffee consumption over the last century.
This interactive site has information about how coffee grows, the science of caffeine, and a chronology of important events in coffee history.
After learning about coffee production and fair trade, students can apply what they have learned to these related math activities.
See if you can plan a sustainable farming strategy with this interactive game.

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