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Country: India

These sites have information about India’s history, geography, language, culture, animals, and art. Listen to audio files to hear sounds of Indian musical instruments. Also includes maps, many photographs, and some videos. Includes a link to the eThemes Resource on Hinduism.


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This interactive photo gallery includes a timeline, resources for students and teachers, and more. Click on "Explore this Topic" or "Discussion Questions" to explore the significance of each photograph. NOTE: This site includes selected posts on a message board that can be found by clicking on "Your Stories".
Explore South Asia, including the culture, religions, social life, and history of India and its neighbors.
Learn basic facts about India, including its population, geography, climate, natural resources, and other information.
This site has information on the Indian Festival of Colors (Holi) as well as other cultural representations of color in India.
Learn about this wildlife sanctuary in Southern India and find out why elephants are sacred in their land. You can also learn about other animals in the park and a bit about Hinduism.
Enter this site and read about India's president. The "Children's Corner" includes a quiz.
Read these Indian stories and folktales.
Play the Look and Discover Stories game about gods from India and Southeast Asia. See Ganesa dance, and discover why Visnu changes into a boar and Buddha has a bump on his head.
This PBS program will present the Indian subcontinent in all its opulent beauty. Visitors will meet the tiger, the official national animal of India and learn more about the important relationship Indians have had for centuries with the country's wildlife.
Take these India quiz and increase your knowledge of this country.
This site includes printable worksheets, examples of Indian games, and ways to make Indian crafts. NOTE: This site includes ads.
Explore various art formats in India.
Watch a wonderful Flash show of the Puja steps (traditional way of praying to God.)
Label the Map of India and see India's flag.
These sites are about Hinduism: the third most popular religion in the world. Includes sites on a variety of grade levels with general information about the religion, student-created websites, information on Hindu gods and goddesses, dietary customs and food, the caste system, worksheets with discussion questions, and a documentary film about the River Ganges. Also includes a link to the eThemes Resource on the country of India.

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