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Country: Japan

These sites have information about Japan’s history, geography, language, education, and culture. Students can learn about samurai warriors, read haiku poetry, or see how rice is traditionally grown. There are maps, photographs, printouts, and more. Included is an eThemes resource on Asia.


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Learn all about the government, economy, and social life of ancient Toyko through paintings and facts.
This site briefly explains basic facts about Japan including population statistics, their national anthem, photos of their currency, and example of the Japanese language.
This site has many graphic organizers and student worksheets that focus on Japan.
Read facts about Japan to learn more about this Asian country. Includes a map.
Cancel the language support prompt when it pops up. This site has lots of information about transportation in Japan including the Bullet Train. Includes photos.
See live shots of Tokyo as captured by this Webcam.
Scroll down and click on "Kushiro Wetland Photos" or "East Hokkaido's Landscape" to see pictures of Japan. NOTE: This site has links to Japanese language sites.
Read an encyclopedia entry about the nation of Japan. NOTE: This site includes banner and other types of ads.
Try and label this map of Japan with the correct cities and rivers.
Learn all about Japan's culture, poetry, science, art, and more. This site also includes a link to Japanese crafts.
This site has a map of Japan plus information about the country's geography, people, government, economy, and more. NOTE: This site contains a banner ad.
This site contains many quick facts about the country of Japan, information about the government, and links to the official media sources. There is also a map, Japanese history timeline, and an audio file of the National Anthem
Learn about rice production in Japan. This site includes a link to a short movie that shows the transformation of a rice paddy throughout the growing season, and an interactive feature that illustrates how rice paddies are built.
Here is an article and short video about rice farming on the island of Shikoku.
This website is about the Edo period in Japan. On the interactive features of this site you can learn how to create a woodblock print, hear traditional musical instruments, read about the different social classes in feudal Japan, and more. Includes an interactive timeline, glossary, and classroom guide.
Learn about the continent of Asia and its many countries. There are maps, country flags, photographs, and facts about Asian culture. Includes recipes for Asian dishes and instructions for craft activities. There are links to eThemes Resources on several individual Asian countries.

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