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Country: Madagascar

Learn about the island of Madagascar, which lies east of the African mainland. Topics include the culture, economy, environment, food, and more. There are online games, photographs, recipes, and ideas for classroom activities.


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This PBS documentary on Madagascar provides information on the animals and habitat of the area. An online quiz and lesson plans are included.
Follow the links at the top to learn about Madagascar's people, government, economy, and military. Includes a picture of Madagascar's flag.
Follow a group of scientists as they explore the wilds of Madagascar. There are many photos, including some that are panoramic and exploratory (students have to search a picture for hidden flags). The site also has teacher resources, and an interactive game titled "Track the Fossa" (go to "The Expedition" then "Track the Fossa"). Also includes lesson plans.
Find out what it's like to travel to Madagascar in this article by Peter Tyson (Atlantic Monthly Magazine column).
Find out travel information on Madagascar from the Embassy of Madagascar website. Click on the "Discover Madagascar" tab then select one of the links in the drop-down menu for more information.
Learn how dinner is served in this country and make some dishes from the recipes included on the page.
Learn about Madagascar in this Greatest Places Web site. Students will be able to hear a lemur's call, watch a chameleon eat its dinner, or make a Madagascar Solitaire game (recipe included).
Print the map of Madagascar in a detailed or plain view. Note: This page has a link to an unmoderated discussion board.
Learn about this country's environment, society, economy, and more, from the Library of Congress' Web site.
This organization's site has information about Madagascar. Click on the thumbnails or the "More Images" link to the right of the page to see pictures of the people who live there.
This is a list of threatened species in Madagascar. Follow the links, and you can see photos of the animals. NOTE: This site includes banner and other types of ads.
This site covers Madagascar's history, culture, the environment, and things to do. The introduction section warns travels of the recent problems facing the country.
Learn about different types of food served in various countries, including recipes, traditional manners, table etiquettes, etc.
View maps for the different countries of the world. See pictures of a particular country's inhabitants and landscape or read information on its history, culture, and currency.



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