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Cowboys Around the World

These sites are about cowboys from different countries. Learn their history, names, equipment, clothes, and lifestyles. There is also information about famous cowboys. Includes classroom activities, lesson plans, games, and pictures.


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Learn about the cowboy culture and stories documented by 3rd grader students from Red Deer Lake School, Canada. Includes trail raiders, storytelling, night herding, stories of famous cowboys from the Bar U, poems, and more.
This page provides information about the story of cowboys in Argentina from the past to present. Includes pictures of their attire and movie clips of Gaucho's dances. NOTE: This site includes ads and has links to external websites.
This site provides information about cowboys in South America. Learn about names of cowboys and their roles in different countries. NOTE: This site includes ads and links to external websites. NOTE: The reading level is for older students.
This site provides photos of exhibits in the Nation Cowboy and Western Museum. Includes images with description of clothes, firearms, spurs, and various equipments used by American cowboys from Spanish colonial to the 20th century.
Learn about a variety of seasonal cowboy activities and lifestyles. Includes photos of cowboy clothing, equipment, people, places, Wild West shows, and more.
Learn about cowboys and cowgirls of the old west. Includes stories and pictures of Charles Goodnight and Annie Okley.
This page provides brief stories with pictures of famous black cowboys of Texas.
This page lists famous cowboys in Texas. Short description is includes. NOTE: This site includes ads and has links to external websites.
This site has various links for supplies and adventures in becoming a cowboy.
Learn about cowboys from their poetry and songs.
Find out how much you know about cowboys from 1866-1886 by playing this cowboy myths and truths game.
Here is a collection of lesson plans for cowboy units relating to Exploring the West theme. Includes topics such as cowboy myths, birth of the cowboy, cowboy tourism, and more. NOTE: Reading level is appropriate for older students.

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