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Ohio: Natural Resources

These sites provide information related to Ohio natural resources. Students can learn about Ohio animals, plants, water resources, forestry, coal mining, and much more. There are also games, lesson plans, and class activities.


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This site contains information regarding Ohio forestry. Click "Index of Ohio Trees" on the left menu bar to find detailed explanations for various local trees plus their pictures.
Learn about native plants and how to use Ohio native plants in landscaping.
Learn the history of Ohio coal mining from this site. It also explains the related law and regulations about coal mining.
Click a "park name" on this map and see a detailed description of the state park. Some provide the history and attractions of the park.
This site has lesson plans and resources that help student learn wild deer and wild deer management in Ohio.
These Webquests about conservation and outdoor recreation were developed by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources and aligned with Academic Content Standards in Secondary Science, English Language Arts, Technology and Career Education.
Learn how to create a backyard habitat for Ohio wildlife with this fact sheet. This is a three-page PDF file.

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