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Espionage and Spies

These sites focus on espionage and the lives of some famous spies. Test your skill at breaking codes, take a video tour of a spy museum, and view photos of real objects used by spies. Includes information about recent espionage incidents, text of the official Espionage Act of 1918, documents from actual espionage cases, and several online games. Also learn about the FBI, the CIA, and the Secret Service.


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The site includes educational information about FBI for kids. The site is divided by grade level. Click on "Games" for some fun online activities. Also includes safety tips and background information on the FBI.
Play the "I Spy" game online and try to find objects. Fun for the SMARTboard. You can also create your own "I Spy" games and test them out on your friends.
This site focuses on the deciphered codes of Soviet spies, called the Venona Project. There is also information about spies and codebreaking. Click on "A Coded Message" to try deciphering a code.
This is a fun site with lots of challenging puzzles that require students to use critical thinking skills, which are also skills that spies need.
Read these suspensful stories and then try to solve the mystery. Also includes tips for doing magic tricks.
This encyclopedia entry has a definition of espionage, information about espionage history, modern espionage, and a bibliography.
Read the essay about spies in America and then take the online "Quiz: Counter Intelligence." NOTE: The site includes ads.
Read answers to questions from kids about the Secret Service.
This is the actual text of the Espionage Act.
Sites include online short mystery stories, stories written by students, suggestions for writing, and recommended books.
Read all about different mystery books and their authors. Books include "Who Stole the Wizard of Oz," "Encyclopedia Brown," the "Cam Jensen Mystery" series, "The Hardy Boys," "Nancy Drew", and "Bunniculla." Includes classroom activity ideas and some interactive quizzes.

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