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Health: Diabetes

Learn about diabetes and it’s causes, methods of prevention, treatment options, and recommended diets. There are several case studies listed as well as video detailing living with diabetes and the national effort to prevent this disease. Includes eThemes Resources on obesity.


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This site has multiple resources regarding diabetes. Included are downloadable resources, comic books, picture stories, etc in English and Spanish.
This site has a video and a transcript talking about a Harvard Medical study that researched diabetes prevention.
This site includes the program curriculum, handouts, and other materials to help you monitor your food intake and get active.
Learn about different kinds of nutrition and preferred eating habits.
Learn about a diabetics daily routine via a journal, a photo journal, and a video showing the glucometer testing process.
Learn all about the major types of diabetes, current research, treatment and prevention.
Learn about Native Americans and diabetes. This site specifically highlights the Eastern Band Cherokee's efforts to rying innovative approaches to diabetes education and lifestyle issues.
Take an online quiz to test your knowledge about diabetes.
One of the serious health problems of modern America is childhood obesity. Read about the dangers of childhood obesity. Use the interactive calculator on KidsHealth to find out if you are overweight. Included on this site are two eThemes resources on eating disorders, diet, and nutrition.

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