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Language: Spanish for Elementary School

These sites focus on teaching Spanish words and include hands-on games, interactive exercises, pronunciation, bilingual translation, grammar rules and some cultural notes. Included is an eThemes resource on Spanish for middle and high school.


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This site has "Hispanic History in the Americas," "Meet Famous Latinos," "Latinos in History," and more. Students can click on "Pinata Concentration Game" to listen to the Spanish word and then find the two matching pictures. Teachers can explore the "Teacher's Guide."
Students can play this "Spanish-English Cycle Race."
Lots of specialized vocabulary, such as Christmas vocabulary, weather lists, etc. NOTE: The site includes banner ads and sponsored links.
This site includes visual and auditory guides for pronouncing colors, numbers, verbs, and other Spanish terms and phrases. NOTE: This site includes banner ads and sponsored links.
Very simple lessons for beginners. Just click on any of the categories displayed. NOTE: The site includes ads.
Listen to a Mexican children's song and rhyme both in Spanish and English. NOTE: The site includes banner ads, sponsored links, and links that lead to a message board.
The site is full of games for learning Spanish. Click on the "Spanish" category.
A vivid site to teach Spanish through songs and animated pictures. NOTE: The site includes ads.
Play the simple word games, see the score, check the right answers, and improve your Spanish level. NOTE: The site includes ads and pop-up ads.
A comprehensive site for Spanish learner, which includes grammar, vocabulary terms, travel help, and culture notes. Click on [Free Stuff].
Here is a list of various vocabulary exercises and tests. You may even create your own test.
Students can use these sites to become familiar with the Spanish language and culture. Many of these sites have audio files.

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