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Literature: "The Whipping Boy" by Sid Fleischman

These sites have information about the book “The Whipping Boy,” author Sid Fleischman, and illustrator Peter Sis. Covers life in the Middle Ages. There are also two eThemes Resources about feudalism and castles.


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This site has lots of questions and activities to go along with the book, "The Whipping Boy."
Biography and fun facts about the author.
Try this vocabulary game with matching, flashcards, concentration, and a word search.
A vocabulary game about the book, "The Whipping Boy."
An interview with two teenagers and children's book illustrator Peter Sis.
A brief introduction to Peter Sis, the illustrator of "The Whipping Boy."
Here are some reading activities about "The Whipping Boy."
Visit the site and read a biography of Sid Fleishman. There is also a questions and answers page, and Mr. Fleishman's tips for writers.
Learn all about people who lived in castles during the Medieval period.
Explore these sites and learn what it was like to live during the Middle Ages. Topics include serfs, kings, castles, monasteries, weapons, and more. Create your own coat of arms, play an online Jeopardy game, try to build a medieval arch, and choose the proper clothing for a knight going into battle. There are many illustrations and some audio and video files.
Learn about the history, architecture, and other basic facts about castles. Take a virtual tour of a historic castle, build your own online weapon to protect a castle, or construct your own castle model out of sugar cubes or cardboard. Includes several photographs.

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