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Literature: "Trouble Don't Last" by Shelley Pearsall

These sites are about Shelley Pearsall’s book “Trouble Don’t Last” and the Underground Railroad. Included are eThemes resources on the Civil War, the Underground Railroad, and a related novel “The Last Safe House.”


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This is Shelley Pearsall's Web site. Pearsall provides curriculum ideas and teacher's guides for her novels. Click on "For Teachers."
Here is a four-page PDF file titled "Booknotes: Teachers Guide."
This site has images and an explanation of the Underground Railroad. NOTE: The site includes ads and pop-up ads.
Students can read this encyclopedia entry on the Underground Railroad. NOTE: The site includes ads.
Students can try the "Quiz" after looking at the timeline.
Read a brief biography on John Brown.
This National Park Service Site has many photographs and a virtual tour of the Douglass home.
This national park service site shows different state maps and the corresponding historical sites. There are photographs of each site.
Students can browse the "Abolitionist Images" and "Anti-Abolitionist Images."
Teachers can read this article "Building Friendship through Education." NOTE: The site includes ads.
Students can browse eThemes on the Civil War.
These links are about the book "The Last Safe House" and author Barbara Greenwood. Find out more about Canada's involvement with the Underground Railroad. Includes information about safe houses for children who are in trouble today.
These sites are about the Underground Railroad movement that helped runaway slaves escape to Canada. Learn about Harriet Tubman and other influential leaders. Listen to songs and read the lyrics that secretly told the escape route. Play a game that allows you to face the same decisions the runaway slaves faced. Includes maps and historic photographs, plus a link to an eThemes Resource on the slave trade.

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