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Literature: Reader's Theater

These sites are about Reader’s Theater. Learn how to use reader’s theater in the classroom to promote an interest in literature. There are tips on how to adapt stories to scripts. Includes many sample scripts. There is a link to an eThemes Resource on online stories that can be adapted into scripts, plus a link to drama for students.


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This site has 31 sample scripts from children's author Aaron Shepard. There is an explanation of reader's theater as well as tips for writing scripts.
This site has many links to scripts that students can use.
Read a simple explanation of reader's theater and follow the easy adaptation steps. There are also sample scripts for different grade levels. Includes a list of print resources.
This site has teaching tips for reader's theater. NOTE: The site has pop-up ads.
This site has classroom theater lesson plans and sample scripts. NOTE: The site includes ads.
Here are eight free sample scripts and a teacher's guide.
This is an article for teachers about Reader's Theatre.
This site has many "Reader's Theater Titles" in html format or PDF format.
These sites have free online stories for children to read. These stories can be adapted into reader's theater scripts. Most include illustrations. There are some that have audio files so you can also listen to the story. Includes classic stories and original ones.
These sites explore the theater and acting. There are several ideas for using plays and acting in the classroom. Learn about the history of the theater and common theater terminology. Includes warm-up activities and scripts to use in the classroom.

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