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Missouri: Caves

These sites include listings and maps to caves in Missouri. There is information about cave formations and archaeology, plus links to eThemes Resources on caves and on bats and caves around the world. There is also a video from the Finding Missouri: Our History and Heritage series about Miller Cave and archaeology.


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This site includes links to Missouri cave websites.
This Department of National Resources site includes information about caves in Missouri including: spelunking organizations, scientific organizations, Missouri State Parks with cave tours, Missouri State Parks with wild cave tours, Missouri State Parks with caves on-site, commercial cave tours, and general cave information.
This six-page PDF features caves in Missouri, information about cave formation, cave use, a moment in time, caves in missouri, exploration, cave life, cave protection legislation, caves in our state parks, the division's role in protecting caves and groundwater, web sites, and publications.
More articles about Missouri's caves and fact sheets for the threatened cavefish.
A brief introduction to the cave and surrounding area.
Missouri's natural areas listed by county. Each name links to a topo map, photos, and description.
Click on "Member Caves" to see links to commercial cave Web sites in Missouri and across the U.S.
This site from Bridal Cave in Lake of the Ozarks contains information about cave formations, climate, and exploring tips.
Read about a Missourian's quest to document petroglyphs, inscriptions and pictographs found on rocks in Missouri. Scroll down and click on the links to see images of what he's found.
These websites cover the formation and ecology of caves around the world. There are many types of caves described including sea caves, ice caves and erosional caves. Also covers cave drawings, early humans, and cave life. Sites have video, audio, illustrations and maps. There are links to eThemes Resources on bats and caves in Missouri.
These sites are about bats and their habitats. Covers information on myths, mammals, megabats, microbats, and echolocation. Includes links to eThemes Resources on mammals and caves.

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