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Literature Awards: Mark Twain Award Nominees 2002-2003

These sites are about the Mark Twain Award nominees for 2002-2003. Includes biographies on the authors and information about their books, plus some book reviews.


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This site is all about Avi and his books. Also includes a description of his nomitated book, "Ereth's Birthday." There is a bulletin board, but it seems to be monitored.
Visit this author's official site. Find out what inspired her to write "Wanderer." There is an address to write to her in "Meet Sharon."
This article is a look at how accurate the events are in the book "Fever 1793" by Laurie Anderson.
This is the site of Laurie Anderson. Read about her life and books. Includes an address to write to her.
This is a review and discussion of the Mark Twain nomintated book by Peggy Brooke.
Here is a review of this book by Sharon Creech. Click on her name for an autobiography.
This site is from author Dianne Gray. Click on "Holding Up the Earth" to read passages, reviews, and awards for this book. There is also biographical information about Dianne and an e-mail address in "About the Author." The "Educators" link has discussion questions to go along with the book.
This site is from author Anne Isaacs. Read an excerpt, summary, review, and the inspiration for the book. "Teacher" has activities to go along with the book. You can e-mail the author in "Contact Anne."
Under "Individual Stories" you can read an excerpt from "No More Dead Dogs." "Biography" tells about this author's childhood and his writing. "Contact Info" has an address to write to Korman. There is a message board, but it seems to more monitored.
This is a brief biography of the author of "Coyote Autumn."
Here is information about the author of "Gracie's Girl." Ellen answers questions about being a librarian and her interest in books. Her personal Web page is linked from this site and includes a summary of "Gracie's Girl" and reviews of it. Her e-mail address is also given.
This is a biography of the author of "Dream Soul." Read about his childhood and his writing style and watch videos of him discussing his life and writings. NOTE: This site includes links to social networking sites.
Here is the book description found on the front and back cover plus a short biography of author Laurence Yep.
Here is a synopsis and review of this book by first time author Maurine Dahlberg.
This author answers questions about her book "Because of Winn-Dixie" and her career.
Biographical information about children's adventure writer Peg Kehret. See a list of her books and synopses. Contains activities to go along with her book "Earthquake Terror."

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